Saturday, 30 October 2010

Geordie Jiggers

Sometimes, we have mad half hours in our house.

These 2 should have been in bed, but instead they decided to dance a Geordie jig, to a Scottish reel in the style of Irish dancers with a few Brazilian soccer skills thrown in...whilst eating a biscuit.

Eat your heart out Flatley!


  1. Love this video - just brilliant.
    Especially the one sock on, one sock off and staring with intense concentration at his feet (but not really noticing the lack of sock)...bless him

    And Ms 6 yr old - simply stunning with her posh hair and slick moves...Both of them are little stars :-))

  2. Marvellous and brought a much needed smile to me face...

    T xx

  3. So glad you both liked it.
    Every now and then, the 2 of them go mental. I'm so glad I've captured one of those moments.
    Carole - I found the other sock in the log basket tonight. Also, I think the slickest move by the 6 year old is when she takes a quick bite of biscuit half way through. I've never seen that move attempted before by anyone else - ever.
    Tony - glad it made you smile xxx

  4. That is sooooo good !! I would think they slept well after that.True stars in the making!